As a Realtor who has worked with hundreds of sellers, I?ve found that those homeowners who take the time to find the right agent are consistently happier with their home-selling experience than those who don?t. It?s the first and most critical step in selling your home.



As a general rule of thumb, you?re looking for an agent who:

                        Has the experience, qualifications and abilities to sell your home for top dollar.

                        Has in-depth knowledge of your area and the market in general.

                        Will work hard on your behalf.

                        Has resources to support the sales effort.

                        Will keep you well-informed during the process.

                        Has a personality you are comfortable with.



By asking the following questions, you can dramatically improve your odds of having a successful home-selling experience:


1.      How long have you been an active, full-time Realtor?

2.      What professional designations do you have?

3.      How many homes have you listed in the last 6 months? The past year?

4.      How many homes have you sold in the last 6 months? The past year?

5.      What?s the average amount of time one of your listings is on the market before it sells?

6.      How does your average sale price compare to the original list price?

7.      How many homes are your currently marketing? (A successful top producing agent may be more effective at managing many listings than a less experienced agent.)

8.      What can you tell me about your share of the marketplace compared to other Realtors in the area?

9.      What percentage of your business is based on referrals?

10.    Do you have a personal staff? How many are licensed? (A Realtor who has a support team to handle office chores and routine details can usually devote more time to the business of serving a client?s highest priority needs and getting the home sold.)

11.    How will you market my home?

12.    Do you have your own personal website? How many hits daily?

13.    How will you stage my home?

14.    How will you keep me informed?

15.    What listing price would you recommend for my home? How did you arrive at it?s price?

16.    What?s your pricing/marketing philosophy 30/60/90 days down the road?

17.    What is your commission on a sale? What if I sell it myself?

18.    Can you provide me with references?

19.    Do you have any personal marketing materials I can review? (The quality of a Realtor?s own marketing pieces is a good indicator of how well he/she will represent you and your property.)

20.    Am I comfortable with this person?

         (This question is not for the agent-it?s for you!)